Follow our online application process to become a St Peter’s Tutor

We are always keen to find new tutors for our students. 

We are looking for experienced teachers, who are engaged with bringing online lessons to life and are passionate about helping a tutee to progress and grow in confidence.

We cover a wide range of subjects and also levels.

  • Primary
  • Improving core subjects including Mathematics  and Sciences, English & History as well as Modest Foreign Languages and Economics. we also can offer other subjects if tutors are available
  • 7+, 8+, 11+, 13+, 16+
  • A Level & International Baccalaureate (IB)
  • University entrance exams and assessments
  • Oxbridge Preparation
Rates of Pay: range from £40/ph to £80/ph, depending on the level & expertise. Rates are likely to change over time.
How the Agency works
St Peter’s Tutors will respond to a client’s enquiry and discuss the specific needs to the tutee. We then contact a suitable tutor for the tutee and agree the Fee with the Tutor and Client. We will continue to liaise with the Client when needed. 
We will not be adding any commission onto your tutoring fee. We will charge you a one off fee after the 3rd week of tutoring.  This gives much more flexibility with the tutoring fee and gives better value to the client.  You will be expected to invoice the client, copying in the agency.

Feedback to the client: You are expected to send feedback  on a monthly basis to the client. We would encourage you to write a short blog each year.

Referral Reward: for every student you refer to us, we will  give you a reward. This will be paid after the first 5 paid lessons with their tutor. 

If you refer a client to our Education Consultancy (choosing schools) we will pay you on completion.  

If you think you have the expertise to help our students, we hope you will apply.
Photo by Hannah Olinger on Unsplash

This is how it works

Step 1

Fill in an application form

Fill in our application form online and we will assess you.

This will take the form of an online interview. 

Step 2

Get set up for tutoring

Once you have been approved as a tutor and the client has agreed, you will be sent the contact details and arrange a FREE taster session of about 20-30 minutes for you to meet the student and client. Once the client indicates they want to go ahead, you can make arrangements with the client to provide the lessons.

Step 3

 Start tutoring

We will recommend you to specific students. The quoted fee we set for your tutoring will be invoiced by the tutor and paid directly to the tutor. The invoicing to the client can be invoiced monthly or weekly and payment within 7 days.  The tutor will be invoiced for an Introduction Fee by St Peter's Tutors after completing 3 tutoring sessions. It is the responsibility of the  tutor to arrange the timing of lessons. 

Apply online or get in touch

Please use our online application form. If you have any questions, you may contact us direct first.