We provide tutoring for:

For school age children and young adults, we cover the full range of subjects and examination levels including:

  • School Entrance examinations (7+, 11+, 13+ 16+)
  • Public examination preparation (GCSE & AL/IB)
  • University entrance and preparation

Length of lesson tailored to the student’s needs

We do not insist on a standard length of lesson as it is important that the session lasts the right amount of time for the student and subject. Depending on age and what best suits the student, sessions can be 30, 45, 60, 90 or 120 minutes long.

We are committed to maintaining high standards

St Peter’s Tutors is committed to always delivering tutoring to the highest quality. In order to maintain this quality, we undertake a full assessment scheme throughout the student’s time with us. The tutor will start with a baseline assessment of the student during the first lesson. Beyond this, they will make regular checks on the student’s progress made, providing feedback to the student.

Online Tutoring

There are many advantages of online tutoring:

  • Your choice is not restricted to who is available in your area.
  • There is no travelling involved and lessons can start and end promptly.
  • Being online, our tuition provides increased focus and flexibility.
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In-Person Tutoring

As well as providing online training we can also provide tutoring in person. This sometimes suits a child better. At present this is available in London, Cheltenham and Malvern. 

Home Schooling

If there is a subject in which you feel that you need assistance, we can provide support to those who are home-schooling their children. It can take place online or in-person, depending on the location.

We have a good range of tutors who are experienced teachers and not just used to ‘topping up’ classroom teaching.

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online tutoring applying to University Queens College, applying to Oxbridge

University Preparation

There is a bewildering choice of university education available both in subject and institution. We have specialist tutors who will advise on choice of universities and courses. In addition they can help you to make your personal statement shine, as well as preparing you for entrance tests.

Oxbridge preparation

We provide specialist tutoring in making sure you are ready for the interviews. 

This involves scholarly conversations in your subjects,  mock interviews and test preparation.