The following terms and conditions apply to a Tutor registering with St Peter’s Tutors (‘SPT’ or ‘we’) as a Tutor. By working through the SPT Agency, you as the Tutor agree that you have read, understood and agree to these Terms (as amended from time to time). If you do not agree to these terms, you cannot work through the SPT Agency.


‘SPT’ means St Peter’s Tutors. We are an agency and provide online tutoring services. ‘Tutor’ means a registered individual offering or providing tutoring to Clients. ’Client’ means a registered user seeking or receiving tutoring from a Tutor, and for individuals under the age of 18 years old this term also includes their parent or legal Guardian.

Should you have any questions about these Terms or wish to contact SPT for any reason whatsoever, please contact SPT by email at

Tutor Requirements

  • In order to register as a Tutor, you must : a) be over 18 years of age; b) be legally entitled to work in the UK; c) be an individual wishing to work as a Tutor on a self-employed basis; d) not appear on the Children or Adult DBS Barred Lists; e) use your real name and personal details
  • Your profile details must be accurate and representative.
  • Upon request by STP, you must be able to prove: a) your identity by providing a copy of your passport or driving licence; b) any qualifications listed in your profile; c) your enhanced DBS certificate status.
  • You must have the necessary qualifications and experience to provide Lessons in the subjects and levels you offer.
  • STP may require you to attend an interview either online or in-person.


  • Following approval of your application, SPT will act as an agent for the Tutor to provide introductions to Clients.


  • The Tutor must inform SPT immediately if at any point you have any safeguarding concerns.
  • The Tutor should communicate with SPT using the contact details specified by SPT.


  • All Lessons and tutoring services should be arranged between Tutor and Client.
  • Any Lesson arrangements you make with a Client are your responsibility to fulfil.
  • Homework, Coursework and any other assignment cannot be completed on behalf of the Client.
  • If you are unhappy or concerned about a Client, you must report this concern as soon as possible to SPT.
  • The Tutor’s conduct must be appropriate and consistent with standards of courtesy and behaviour generally acceptable in the Teaching and Tutoring services.
  • The Tutor will provide a free consultancy for the Client.
  • The Tutor must submit a written report to STP about the Client, after the first paid Lesson.
  • The Tutor must submit a written monthly progress report about the Client to STP.


  • All lessons and tutoring services will paid for through invoices from the tutor to the client.

Cancellation of Lessons

  • If the Tutor needs to cancel or rearrange a Lesson, you must contact the Client as soon as possible.
  • If a Tutor is unable to attend a Lesson or has to stop tuition with a Client, the Tutor must notify SPT as soon as possible so that a replacement tutorial can be arranged.
  • If a Force Majeure Event causes a failure or delay in the performance of any obligation under the Agreement by either party, that obligation will be suspended for the duration of the Force Majeure.

Termination of an Agreement

  • SPT will terminate the Agreement with the Tutor, if you fail: a) to complete your Tutor profile if requested to do so by SPT; b) fail to provide necessary documentation; c) fail to reply to messages; d) fail to attend arranged Lessons. e) receive negative feedback from Clients.


  • All materials that SPT create in-house are copyright. The Tutor agrees not distribute or publish any portion of any materials without prior written consent from SPT.
  • All rights to the copyright of the website and its content rest with SPT.


  • SPT and any Tutor working through SPT, is not liable for any direct, incidental, consequential, indirect, special, punitive or similar damages arising out of use of out the tutoring service, or any errors or omissions in the content of the materials.
  • The Tutor, acknowledges that the tutor works on a self-employed and freelance basis and is responsible for their own actions.
  • The Tutor must take every precaution to ensure that you work in a safe environment and are responsible for taking out and maintaining your own insurance policies to cover the tutoring you undertake.

Third party information

  • Tutorials may include worksheets, information and links to other websites which are not under the control of SPT. SPT are not responsible in any way for the content of such Third Party’s information and takes no responsibility for their accuracy. Nor does this Third Party’s information imply endorsement by SPT for the content of such information.

Safeguarding & Privacy Personal Data.

  • In line with Data Protection Legislation, SPT is only able to process personal data where we have a valid reason to do so. Tutors providing personal data to SPT are consenting to the use by SPT of the information to enable them to provide the tutorial service offered.