The impact of Covid on students in school -plugging the gaps in learning with one to one tutoring.

After 6 months of online classroom teaching, many students feel they have gaps in their learning. For some, they don’t know what the gaps are. They just have a sense of not understanding topics or feeling confident about them. Now, back at school, they have a lot of catching up to do and can feel a sense of panic and bewilderment.

This is where one to one online tutoring with St Peter’s Tutors can help.

Recently a parent of one of our tutees at St Peter’s Tutors, said that Physics and Maths tutoring has been ‘Life Changing’. This is because the tutor was able to diagnose where the confusion was. Then work through issues at the student’s pace. Tasks were specifically designed to build understanding and confidence.

Our tutors are experienced and are familiar with the demands of the syllabus. We recruit tutors with personal recommendation, who are intuitive, encouraging and good communicators.

St Peter’s Tutors are here to help students make the leap from confusion and anxiety, to confidence and understanding.