What people say..

Rachel was a god-send. My son needed to sharpen up his piece of work for his university application. Rachel asked all the difficult questions and made all the relevant points in a really positive way that led to him focussing properly on what he had to do and ultimately receiving not only a place but a scholarship. Thank you. 


‘Absolutely thrilled for my teacher (and former Head of History) Rachel Huntley to be launching St Peter’s Tutors today. During my school days, Mrs. Huntley not only helped me with my studies but also gave valuable insights regarding Oxbridge application. She has always been willing to go above and beyond to support me and I feel extremely fortunate to know her.’

Angela currently studying Biomedical Sciences at Oxford University

‘It is extremely exciting that my teacher Rachel Huntley, is launching a specialist online tutoring agency-St Peter’s! Mrs Huntley gave me tremendous help when I was in school, her history lesson was always something to look forward to as it was not only packed with knowledge, but also incredibly thought-provoking. Her office hour always made me feel welcomed and inspiring, which gave me a lot of guidelines on exam techniques and essay writing as well as extra-curricular activities, such as Model United Nations. She would always give me useful advice on my university application, whether in terms of subject’s choice or interview performance. Her positivity and encouragement brightened my days when life wasn’t very easy and gave me the strength I needed in order to take the next steps towards my dream. She is truly my beloved ‘life mentor’

CoCo is currently studying History of Art at UCL.

If you’re in need of any of the services St Peter’s tutors provide, I couldn’t recommend it more. Mrs Huntley helped me beyond measure with my personal statement, History A-Level, Model UN and instilled in me the confidence to pursue law and make informed university choices. She has a great ability to see each pupil for exactly who they are and tailor her advice and style to their needs. I’ll always credit a great deal of my success to her. And she’ll always be my friend. All the best, Mrs H

Louise is currently studying Law at Bristol University

If anyone needs any help with tutoring or advice please get in touch with my amazing History and Politics teacher throughout secondary school. Mrs H was the reason I did History at University and was a huge help throughout my time at school. She always went the extra mile helping to bring me out of my shell and without her help writing personal statements and references, I 100% wouldn’t be where I am today. She is amazing and I would recommend her to anyone!!

Lizzie is currently studying History at Warwick University

One of our tutors: Sarah.
Suzanne ” I can’t thank this lady enough for the support, tuition and genuine empathy she gave my daughter before and during her GCSE’s. My daughter was predicted a pass (4) but with Sarah’s help, patience and compassion, she made her believe in herself, gave her the confidence to achieve her potential. She gained a grade 7 (an A). She made her love and enjoy the subject. A big thank you. “

Sarah is an outstanding independent teacher. She is highly organised, exacting and has a superb dialogue with young people. She identified very quickly how my children could progress and raise the level at which they were working, resulting in them achieving higher grades and a gaining a secure knowledge of the subject. She gave my children a really thorough understanding of English that will serve them, not only in English, but in other subjects as well. I have no hesitation in recommending her as a home study tutor.

Diana: “Sarah has proved to be an engaging English tutor for my 15 year old son, which is no mean feat. She has assessed him in order to pitch her teaching at the right level of challenge for him and has taught him in a tight and methodical way. I am certain that her input will have a positive impact on his GCSE results”

One of our Tutors: Alex

I was asked to help a girl a few months away from her AS Level maths exam. She had found GCSE maths fairly straightforward, but the step up to AS left her with quite a few areas of confusion across core maths and mechanics. Working through a couple of sample papers I identified a string of topics for us to look at over the coming weeks. We found a good rhythm in our sessions; we would work through her difficulties with one or two topics and then try a variety of questions from those topics until she felt more confident with them. I would then set her questions ranging from the standard difficulty to the devilish so she could practise what she learnt and come back with any queries. With one month to go we had covered all topics on our list and could focus on past paper practise, solving the spread of questions that could be thrown at her while working on exam technique. She felt prepared going into her exams, and the results which came back set her in good stead to achieve an A* for her maths A level.

A 10-year old boy coming into his 11+ exams was applying for a few schools with King’s Wimbledon his top choice. After going through a sample 11+ paper I diagnosed the boy with something actually rather common among the more boisterous of his age: that of overconfidence. Unfortunately his eagerness to complete the problems as quickly as possible and be declared ‘a genius’ did not translate to a convincing mark when confronted by the rigid and inflexible laws of mathematics.


The sessions were a lot of fun, and the challenge was to channel his boundless enthusiasm and energy into an appetite to learn about the ‘golden rules’ and discover new techniques that would equip him to tackle a great range of problems. Many of the harder questions in an 11+ exam are worded questions which must be dissected into a mathematical structure before you can work through to find the answer. I worked with the student to get him considering every angle of these problems. Without stifling his confidence I put forward the notion that the first idea of solving a problem may not be the most efficient, or even a correct way, but that there are often many routes worth considering before you dive in with your first thought. He was accepted into King’s Wimbledon, and I feel he has been set up with the firm mathematical grounding to flourish there.




One of our tutors: Emma.
“Emma is a strong professional who has a very pleasant client manner and easily gains the confidence of the student. She is punctual and does not rush off at the end of the lesson but rather takes the time to share her observations on progress with us, the parents. “

“Joe has certain specific issues regarding his understanding of the language which we engaged Emma to help address. Emma developed a personalised approach specific to Joseph and tailored her approach to address his needs. She not only helped clear some of the fog of misunderstanding which my son had developed but also motivated him to enjoy the study he had to undertake.”