GCSE gaps in Learning due to Lockdown

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Year 10, GCSEs! How St Peter’s Tutors can fill the gaps

Our Stories: Mathematics Tuition

I was contacted by a boy in his GCSE year, who had just got a C in his mock paper. As we looked through an array of questions, I was quickly aware that he was an able student, but that his knowledge and understanding of most topics was superficial; he was trying to recall set procedures learnt in class, often missing out a step or remembering a step incorrectly. I could see that he required clarity at a more fundamental level, so we looked at why the techniques were used and the end result they would provide.

After a couple of months with this approach it was evident ground was being made. It was no longer a case of attempting to remember a series of steps…understanding the end goal and how to get there meant that each line of working was a logical progression towards a correct answer.

Securing a solid mathematical grounding meant he was able to get not just the routine questions but also the more challenging ‘out-of-the-box’ questions – those designed to separate the top students from the rest. His family said they’d be happy with a B, but were delighted when the results came back with an A.