Covid19: Ideas to help avoid Screen Burnout in Lockdown.

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Planting seeds to avoid screen burnout

Week 2-3 of lockdown: brains are be-fuddled and eyes tired after too much time on the screen. Although St Peter’s Tutors is about online tutoring, it is vital that we all get a break and find something else that refreshes us and our children. Here are some ideas for rewarding activities that can be done indoors or outdoors and are rewarding with relatively quick results and rewards.

Planting seeds in pots: Idea No 1 -Sweet Peas (more to follow..)

These are easy to sow and grow and end with the pleasure of picking them and making up wonderful bouquets of scented flowers-really good news: keep in touch to see how mine do!

  • All you need is a pot with holes in the bottom -could be a yoghurt pot etc
  • Soak the seed overnight-throw away seeds that float.
  • Put in compost.
  • Make six holes in the compost with a pencil and drop one seed in each hole.
  • Water! Put on a windowsill or outside where they can get some light (they do not need to be in a warm place).
  • Next blog: growing food.
  • Suggested activities for children:
    • A weekly/fortnightly log of growing sweet peas with photos. 
    • Decorating the pots
    • Having a race between different gardeners. Whose will flower first?

Wonderful for wellbeing when you can go out and pick a lovely scented bouquet for mum and dad!

sowing seeds as a break from screen burnout
packets of seed ready to plant up