Covid 19: Home Schooling Burnout? How online Tutoring may help you.

Flowering bulbs childen flourishing online tuition one to one teaching covid19

Here is a picture of spring bulbs planted by my husband, literally bursting with life, each week more flowers appear, adding more delights. This is probably not how you feel after one or two weeks of being teacher /parent/ home worker. So how can online tutoring help you and your children keep going?

By next Friday, all schools will have broken up. Teachers have been valiantly teaching their students online. At many schools, there have been online exercise classes, craft projects and presentations in all subjects. Children have been registered for lessons, set tasks, submitted work which is marked online. Inevitably there will be gaps and things children haven’t understood.  

What children haven’t received generally however, is the one to one attention and focused help from a tutor, undivided attention on one child’s needs. 

Now the holidays have begun, now what?

The structure has gone and you are all still at home together.

Online tuition can provide a focused time for these students at home. A tutor can address some of the gaps in their learning and focus on ‘me’ learning time, devoid of distractions. 

As a parent, I remember well some of the struggles to ‘encourage’ my children to study in the holidays. I found myself dividing my attention between three children, not to mention the myriad piles of ‘stuff’ to sort out. 

Like a pot that hasn’t been watered for a while, they are wilting, they have already had 1-2 weeks at home and now have more time confined at home. 

So online, one to one tutoring with experienced teachers who really know their stuff is a lifeline and reviving. There are some great activities online (more of that in my next blog), but for children, I feel they need a guide and have someone who can encourage and support, other than their parents. Online tutoring is easy to access. 

So, the pot of bulbs is a bit of a metaphor for what I believe St Peter’s Tutors can bring to your home. Bursting with tutoring talent, covering a range of subjects and in gardening terms: ‘looking good!’

Rachel Huntley