Please use this form to register your students with St Peter’s Tutors. Include the agency name, so that we know who to pay commission.

Once the form is submitted, the following process is followed:

  1. We will match your student’s requirements with our tutors.
  2. Once this match is made, the student and tutor will be connected using Tutor Office. This has an in-built secure messaging system and also takes the payments from the student’s account (wallet in Tutor Office parlance).
  3. The student needs to be set up on the Tutor Office system, so that wallet is created and payment can be taken.
    1. To set up the student on the system, you will need to create a guardian account for the student. Go onto the Tutor Office system, click “Register” on the top menu. Fill in the form.
    2. Once the account has been verified, you will need to set up the student’s wallet. This can be accessed either by clicking the Wallet in the top menu or from the “Wallet” option under “My Account”.
  4. The wallet needs to contain money BEFORE lessons commence.

Agency Details

Please provide your agency name and contact details

Student Details

Please provide information about the student.

For what do you want tutoring?

Please provide details about the type of tutoring, level and subjects that you want.