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St Peter’s Tutors is a Bespoke Tutoring Agency and Education Consultancy.

Our USP is that we have experienced teachers, who know best how to enable significant  progress. We aim to provide each student with the best tutor that will meet their needs. 

We believe that tutors are mentors: tutorials will focus on building confidence, helping with organisation and study skills, as well as drilling into where there are gaps in understanding. 

We have an specialist advice service to select the best school to help your child thrive. We can also place your child in summer and language schools in the UK and internationally.

Girl with tablet - Online tutoring with St Peters Tutors

Online Tutoring

We are a specialist Online Tutoring Agency covering Science, Maths, English, History and UCAS.

In-person tutoring: Photo by ThisisEngineering RAEng on Unsplash St Peter's Tutors offers in person Tutoring

In-Person Tutoring

If you prefer, we offer In-Person tutoring in London, Cheltenham and Malvern, as well as organising ‘Revision Days’ in these locations.

The front of Gresham School - one of the schools that St Peter's Tutors works with

Choosing Schools

We provide an advisory service to help choose the best school for your child, either in the UK or internationally. We are not relying on marketing hype. We have personal contacts with parents, teachers and former pupils in these schools

Our Values

In a competitive world, our tutorials will build confidence, nurture understanding, as well as teaching knowledge and skills.

We are committed to:

  • Mentoring our students, so they become more confident, organised and develop study skills that can provide a strong foundation for professional development.
  • Developing the best experience of online tutoring, using our interactive white board effectively.
  • Choosing committed teachers, many of whom will have examination board experience. Selecting the sort of tutors who motivate and encourage their students.
  • Ensure safeguarding
  • Employing tutors with a love for their subject, who are scholarly and enjoy the process of working one to one with students.

Opening Doors and the Keys to Success

We want our tutees to leave lessons more confident, excited about learning and positive about the next steps forward.

We have an in-depth knowledge of entrance examinations for Schools and Universities and have extensive connections in both worlds. 

We have a specialist Oxbridge & UCAS team who will provide practice interviews, help with personal statements  and scholarly conversations in your subject with guided reading.

We provide an advice service on choosing the right school for your child as well as choosing the right course and University.

We have the right Team & Tools to unlock doors!

Oxford `College Doorway St Peter's Tutors will open doors for your child's education.

Meet Our Tutors

Each month we profile a selection of our tutors.

Our tutors cover a wide range of subjects ranging from the standard English, Maths and Science to the less common subjects, such as Arabic and History of Art.

The Latest News

Keep up to date with the latest news from St Peter’s Tutors – a mix of announcements, tips and other useful information.